Tremblay’s Service

In 1948, Ed Tremblay and family came through Nelson on a camping trip and search for an appropriate property to build a garage and business. It must have impressed them, for Ed started to inquire into VLA listed properties. One of them was Airey Landing, listed on the Greyhound Bus tickets, as a stop on the modern highway from the new main lake ferry to the Nelson ferry crossing.

In 1952, Ed and Mercedes purchased the Airey Ranch from current owner Art Nash and took possession January 1, 1953.

Tremblay house, 1953

Tremblay House at Airy’s Landing in 1953


In 1958 Ed and sons started construction of the garage known as Tremblay Service.

Tremblay Service garage 1963

Tremblay’s Service garage, 1963


It was a full service repair garage and gas station. Robert, known as Bob, apprenticed under Ed while brothers Harvey and Edward joined the Canadian Air Force. In 1972 Ed retired and with Mercedes travelled for a number of years, but always came home saying how beautiful a place it is here.

Ed and Mercedes Tremblay

Ed and Mercedes Tremblay, early 1970s


In 1984 Bob leased out the garage until 1987 and then closed it and went to work at the Nelson School District. Bob and his wife Joyce still live on the same property (2014) having both retired and occasionally on a cool day you’ll likely see some smoke puffing out of the chimney, possibly working on a little project for their son or daughters.