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We include community non-profit organizations here. Around ‘Community’ a whole bunch of commerce took place. Stores, hotels, a rest home, restaurants, gas stations, a drive-in theatre toname a few. These ventures equally contributed to the lifestyle on the North Shore and you can read about and discover them under Commerce.You will discover some of the people who were involved in this community building. In the beginning it was a group of people who decided to build “The Crystal Hall” at 4-mile so that there would be a place for people to gather for dances, card nights and other social events. St. Andrews by the Lake Anglican Church was a place where people married, children were christened, memorials and funerals as well as a place for people to take time to get together on Sundays. Did you know that there was a Duhamel Creek School before the Willow Point School was built in 1920? Eventually the population grew enough that A. I. Collinson was built and it became a hub of the community for many years.When people hang out, get to know each other and interact with a sense of belonging sometimes they need to band together in unified and just causes. We’ve discovered some of these stories and look forward to sharing them with you.

Brownies and Guides, Cubs and Scouts a Riding Club, a Water Ski Club, Tennis Courts and on it goes. In the 1960’s and 70’s the Duhamel Recreation Commission organized various recreational activities such as swimming and tennis lessons, Family Fun Days, judo, drama clubs . . . and we discovered monthly bulletins from those days to share with you! One wonders where the energy and inspiration came from? But just imagine if you were to shut off the computer and unplug the tv for even a week. To be sure your life would change. You would go out and seek contact with others and that’s what happened ‘Up the Lake’.



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