Families and Stories

First Nations were the first people to reside in the area, where the abundance of fish, game and fruits of the land attracted them to the area. Then came people interested in mining and the industries that went along with it. The first permanent European settlers were Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Shannon who arrived in 1889. Other people came to the area with the idea of making a living in the fruit farming industry. Later, summer homes became popular along the area’s lake shore. Today all kinds of people populate the area most making a living by working outside of the community.

Lots of people have given time and energy to build and protect our community over the years. Over the years there have been many interesting, some unconventional and even famous people that have lived in the area.

Everyone who has lived in our community has a story and we would like to begin recording them. Someday someone will want to know who lived here – when, and maybe even why. History tells us this. Here we invite you to record and share your history and/or your family’s history in the area.

When did you/your family move here?

What brought you here?

How long did you live here?

What activities did you enjoy/get involved in here?

What changes/challenges have you encountered here?

Would you like to share a family photo?





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