This website is intended to be a means of collecting and recording the history of the North Shore of Nelson B.C. from Kokanee Lodge (2 mile) to Kokanee Creek (12 mile) over the past 100 years.

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This website is intended to be a means of collecting and recording the history of the North Shore of Nelson from Kokanee Lodge (2mile) to Kokanee Creek (12 mile) over the past 100 years.

The idea for this project began with two people talking about the community they lived and grew up in and how it had changed.

Being descendants of a pioneer ranching family in the area we knew things had certainly changed since those early days, never mind since our own childhoods in the 1960’s and 70’s. Many of the landmarks where community events and activities had once thrived were now closed down or completely gone. The vibrant community that we once knew seemed to be disappearing before our eyes. We had a collection of artifacts and stories- some our own, some handed down to us from generations before. We knew of others who had the same. There was plenty of community history out there that was at risk of being lost forever . . . and so talk turned into action. Some contacts were made, a small committee was formed, and here we are today launching the first phase of the UP THE LAKE- A NORTH SHORE NELSON HISTORY PROJECT website.

Why Kokanee Lodge(2 mile) to Kokanee Creek(12 mile)?   This was the AI Collinson School catchment area and as well the Duhamel Recreation Commission’s, which existed in the sixties. Kokanee Lodge is no longer but was a landmark at 2 mile until 1960’s when it was demolished for highway improvements. Kokanee Creek still flows strong at 12 mile!

Why the name ‘Up The Lake’?   Our “community” has a bit of an identity crisis. Several names have been used over the years to describe this area: The North Shore, North Nelson, the West Arm of Kootenay Lake, Rural Route 1, Hwy 3A. And, there are names such as Duhamel, Willow Point, Nasookin Bay, MacDonald’s Landing, Crescent Beach, Sitkum Creek which have all been used to refer to parts of the area but one has trouble knowing where they begin and end. They certainly do not describe the whole area we want to talk about. These days we often use mileage names to tell people where we live 4-mile, 6-mile, 9-mile, 12 mile. We wanted the name of our project to reflect our area’s uniqueness and define it as a whole. ‘Out the lake’ and ‘up the lake’ came to mind. Our parents used these terms and we still use them today to tell people where we live. Of the two, up the lake was chosen. “I live up the lake at 6-mile”.

Why a website?  To record the history of the area we recognized that in today’s age of the internet a website could be a dynamic place for people to ‘meet’. Unlike a book that has an ending once published, a website could be a receiving depot for historical information that can continue as long a there is someone to receive it. A bit of an experiment, this idea of continuum. The gathered information so far is a success and this website has ensured it will not be lost.

The project is meant to include all community members past and present in the recording of our community’s history within this geographical area and time frame. We welcome, encourage and rely on your contributions of stories, memories, photos and archival material. We will do our best to organize, record and present the material received for all to enjoy!

Please join us in making the history of our community come alive on the web!

Randi Jensen and Patsy Ormond,  September 2014

Contact us at upthelakehistory [at] gmail.com




This is an ongoing history project and we welcome any assistance, information, photos or memories you would like to share with us for this website. Please email us at upthelakehistory [at] gmail.com


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